Preventive Dentistry in Melbourne's CBD

preventive dentistry melbourne cbd

The most valuable service we offer is our individualised Continuing Care Program.

Through your visits with our Oral Health Therapists you will be assessed for the signs and symptoms of gum (periodontal) disease. The therapist will clean your teeth and take the necessary radiographs (x-rays). The dentist will then check the x-rays and perform a thorough examination of your teeth, mouth and face checking for signs of decay, disease or other pathology such as oral cancer.

Your teeth will be cleaned more thoroughly than they have ever been cleaned before. The therapist will remove all deposits of tartar, plaque and staining from your teeth using specialised instruments.

During this visit the dental therapist will discuss with you aspects of dental and oral health, plaque control and nutrition. You will learn about the causes of dental disease and receive instruction in the skills and strategies to control these causes. At each visit they will evaluate how their recommendations are working and revise treatment or advice, to achieve optimum oral health.

The dental therapist may also advise and prescribe, when necessary, preventative products or treatments. Each appointment is tailored to your personal needs and oral health requirements.