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What do cosmetic dentists do?

woman with brown hair smiling l dentist melbourne cbdCosmetic dentistry varies by clinic, but our cosmetic dentist in Melbourne, VIC provides a variety of treatments to help patients change the appearance of their teeth. Approaches may include addressing oral health conditions before therapy, providing a single treatment or treating cosmetic issues on a timeline.

The process starts with a dental exam, which may include x-rays and a smile consultation in our dental clinic.

Some patients need or want only a whiter and brighter smile through professional teeth whitening. Others are looking to remake their smile completely. Your dentist in Melbourne can help you make decisions to match your budget, smile goals and lifestyle.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Melbourne

Our cosmetic dentistry options include:

  • Professional teeth whitening—meant to get rid of brown and yellow tooth stains
  • Dental veneers—meant to give you a symmetrical and straight-looking smile
  • Tooth-coloured fillings—to close your cavities without silver or bond your teeth to hide flaws
  • Dental implants—to replace a missing tooth or teeth
  • Facial aesthetics—meant to complement your smile and enhance your facial appearance

A cosmetic dentist helps you achieve the smile you’ve been looking for by providing the services you need to reach your smile goals.

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