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What is a dental hygienist/therapist?

Our Dental Hygienists are university trained professionals, who focus on disease prevention through education and clinical treatment.

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Comprising a vital part of the dental team, hygienists:

  • Collate patient information to facilitate a complete and accurate treatment plan
  • Assess, document and treat periodontal periodontal conditions (gum disease)
  • Detect problems with tooth structures such as decay, cracking, acid erosion and wear from tooth grinding
  • Take diagnostic imaging to aid in diagnosis, including xrays, infrared images (Diagnocam) and digital colour images
  • Screen for soft tissue abnormalities, including Oral Cancer Screening
  • Educate patients as to how best take control of their oral health and avoid future negative dental outcomes
  • Perform whitening procedures
  • Take dental mouldings or impressions

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A Dental Therapist is the title used to describe a dental practitioner who has trained to perform general dentistry including examinations, diagnosis, fillings and tooth removal, often with a patient age limitation, dependent on their institution of education.

Finally, an Oral Health Therapist is qualified as both a Dental Hygienist and a Dental Therapist.