Ceramic Restorations - CEREC™ in Melbourne CBD

If you have a weak or flawed tooth, a dental crown provides support or conceals tooth aesthetic problems. Additionally, a dental crown tops a dental implant post, acting as a replacement tooth, and a dental crown helps stabilise a dental bridge.

In the past, receiving a dental crown meant waiting days or weeks for your restoration—but this is no longer the case. Today, we offer CEREC Same-day crowns in Melbourne, which means you don't have to wait for an outside lab to fabricate your restorations.

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Tooth crowns at our Melbourne office

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that tops a natural tooth or a dental implant abutment. Our tooth crowns in the Melbourne, CBD are colored and shaped to match your natural teeth. Friends and family will not guess that you even have a dental crown.

We use these time-tested and versatile restorations widely across dentistry to help patients enjoy a comfortable and complete smile.

A dental crown following a root infection or tooth trauma – in many cases, a root infection or tooth trauma can leave your tooth vulnerable to fracture. A dental crown provides a buffer, so you can chew successfully without your bite force breaking your tooth.

A dental crown to conceal a tooth flaw – if you have a discoloured, chipped, or malformed tooth, a dental crown covers these issues. This restoration also closes small gaps between teeth.

A dental crown as part of a dental implant – a dental implant is a thin but durable post that acts as a replacement root. Your dentist surgically implants this artificial root, and it bonds with your jawbone across several months. When bonding is complete, your dentist in Melbourne tops your implant root with a dental crown, which acts as a replacement tooth. Typically, four to six dental implants can support a dental bridge or an attached denture.

Dental crowns to support a dental bridge – a dental bridge is a restorative tooth or teeth situated between two dental crowns. The crowns top your adjacent healthy teeth, allowing the restorations to complete your smile.

Will I need a tooth crown if I have a root canal treatment?

If you've had a root infection or trauma, you may need a dental crown following root canal treatment.

Root infections and trauma may weaken your tooth, which often leads to fractures when eating.

A root infection means you have an infection in the root and pulp of your tooth. Symptoms of a root infection include:

  • Toothache
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Swelling in the jaw or face
  • Blister or bump on the gum

Your Melbourne dentist gently clears away your root infection after numbing the area and may close the site with a healing agent and temporary filling. In some cases, a tooth filling is enough to stabilise your tooth. Other times, depending on the extent of your root infection, a tooth crown may be in order.

At Dimos Dental & Facial Aesthetics, we recommend contacting our dental clinic if you experience tooth sensitivity that does not improve. Tooth sensitivity can turn into dental pain quickly and mean a dental emergency.

To avoid root infections in the future, we recommend an excellent oral care regimen at home, and regular dental visits for teeth cleans and dental exams.

With regular exams, your dentist can often spot small infections before they require costly and time-consuming therapies. Regular teeth cleans mean getting rid of the bacteria that lead to decay, dental infections, and periodontal disease.

How does CEREC same-day technology work?

At Dimos Dental, we rely on our own on-site lab to create quality same-day crowns in Melbourne, CBD.

The first step is an exam and consult with your dentist to make sure that CEREC same-day restorations are the right option for you.

The next step is a digital impression of your smile. A digital impression means no gooey model materials. Your impression is fed into a computer, sent to a 3D printer and created while you wait. Your dentist in Melbourne makes the final adjustment, and you and your crown are ready to go.

Our patients have been thrilled with their same-day crowns, calling them beautiful, natural-looking and strong. CEREC crowns are also biocompatible, and many dentists feel they are a technologically superior restoration.

Dimos Dental offers CEREC OmniCam 3D, the world's leading system for fabricating all-ceramic restorations in a single visit.

Benefits of CEREC same-day restorations in Melbourne CBD

If you have a weak tooth or want to cover a tooth flaw, we don't want you to wait for your restorative dentistry. Additionally, if you have a missing tooth, we don't want you to have to wait for off-site fabrication. Same day crowns allow our dentists to get you faster, more effective treatment.

CEREC same-day crowns offer:

  • Strenth – which equates to the longevity of the restoration
  • Excellent appearance – porcelain closely resembles natural teeth compared with composite
  • One-visit restorations – your time matters
  • May preserve more of your natural enamel

This technology can be utilised to provide 'All-Ceramic' Crowns, Veneers, Onlays and Inlays. It can even be utilised in conjunction with dental implants.

The CEREC digitally scans your tooth instead of the traditional method of taking a messy mould.

What are CEREC restorations?

CEREC restorations are often described as porcelain inlays, onlays, veneers or crowns.

They utilise the most modern adhesive techniques to restore the structural, biomechanical and aesthetic integrity of teeth. They can be used to repair a cavity, replace larger old, failing amalgam (metal) fillings, or to rebuild an entire tooth.

These materials offer the ultimate in strength, bio-compatibility, longevity and aesthetics.

Traditionally, these restorations would take two visits, approximately two weeks apart but now, utilising the CEREC technology, it typically takes just the one visit.

How do I take care of my tooth crown?

CEREC tooth crowns and restorations do not require specialised care. You treat them the same way you treat your adult teeth. Brush and floss as usual and visit your dentist regularly for dental exams and teeth cleans.

Restorations do not prevent cavities or gum disease, which is why it is crucial to maintain excellent dental health through a partnership between you and your dentist.

Additionally, if you grind or clench your teeth—whether you have crowns or not—it's essential to ask your dentist about a nightguard to prevent wear and breakage.

You should also never rely on your teeth or restorations to perform tasks such as opening a soda or carrying a heavy bag.

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