Tooth Coloured Resin Restorations in Melbourne's CBD

tooth-colored restorations melbourne vicWhen teeth are decayed, broken down or cracked and there is sufficient natural tooth left it may be possible to simply restore with a filling, inlay or onlay.

Fillings are direct restorations to repair a damaged tooth and to prevent possible further consequences such as infections or fractures. At Dimos Dental we use resin fillings that provide a strong and aesthetic result.

Using our CEREC™ technology we are also able to offer our patients placement of porcelain inlays / onlays in one visit, providing superior strength and aesthetics compared to resin fillings. 

Composite Resin Restorations are often referred to as ‘tooth coloured fillings’. They utilise the most modern adhesive techniques (‘bonding’) to restore the structural, biomechanical and aesthetic integrity of teeth. These restorations are used for a variety of purposes:


  • Used for smaller tooth coloured restorations.
  • Used to restore a chipped tooth.
  • Can also be used to ‘veneer’ a front tooth (Composite Resin Veneers).
  • Available in various shades to match your tooth colour.
  • Procedure is performed in one visit.