Epigenetic Orthodontics (DNA appliance)

The Daytime-Nighttime Night Appliance™ (or DNA Aplliance™) appliance is a removable appliance which uses the principles of Epigenetic Orthodontics. The DNA Appliance allows the body to gently correct the position of the teeth in it's own natural way.

The appliance is worn in the evening and over night during the body's natural circadian rhythm, to activate the wearers naturally occurring genes to correct the under development in the craniofacial region. The DNA appliance treats teeth, jaws, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) , face and airways, for optimal growth and development. The bones in the craniofacial region are slowly remodelled making a foundational correction to the structure of the airway non-surgically.

The goals of treatment is by gently expanding the upper arch in a three dimensional aspect, including expanding the size of the nasal cavity. As the upper arch is widened, the lower arch is unlocked which allows it to move forward. As the lower jaw moves forwards the tongue is pulled forward along with the soft tissue in the throat, which increases airway space. The DNA appliance can be useful in the treatment of TMJ disorders, non-surgical expansion of airway space and aid in reducing or even eliminating Obstructive Sleep Aponea and snoring in some cases.