Invisalign is a very popular alternative to braces. It consists of a series of nearly invisible aligners. Typically, every 2 weeks you will change into the next set of aligners. The aligners are individually manufactured specifically for your teeth alone. As you replace each set of aligners, your teeth will move a little, and slowly you will achieve your desired results, Straight teeth!

There are many advantages to this type of treatment compared to regular braces:

  • Virtually invisible – they are a great alternative if you are concerned about the look of metal braces
  • More comfortable – as there are no metal brackets, there is less irritation to the inside of the mouth
  • Maintaining Oral hygiene – because the aligners are removable, they are easier to clean
  • Less pressure – only a small amount of pressure can be applied with Invisalign, therefore it can be more comfortable each time you change aligners.

Invisalign does have its limitations. Because less pressure is applied there are some cases that it may not be suitable for. Please see us for a consultation for Dr Dimos or Dr Okada to assess if your teeth will be suitable for this type of treatment.