Ceramic Restorations - CEREC™

About CEREC™ OmniCam 3D Technology

Beautifully natural-looking, strong and biocompatible – the technologically superior restoration. Dimos Dental offers CEREC OmniCam 3D, the world’s leading system for fabricating all-ceramic restorations in a single visit.

A CEREC restoration has many advantages over conventional "fillings":

  • Superior Aesthetics – porcelain is far more natural looking than composite resin
  • Superior Strength – which equates to longevity of the restoration
  • Single Visit Ceramic Restorations – eliminating the need for multiple appointments, multiple local anaesthetics and temporary interim fillings
  • Conservation of healthy tooth structure

This technology can be utilised to provide 'All-Ceramic" Crowns, Veneers, Onlays and Inlays. It can even be utilised in conjunction with dental implants.

The CEREC digitally scans your tooth instead of the traditional method of taking a mould.

CEREC™ Restorations

These are often described as porcelain inlays, onlays, veneers or crowns.

They utilise the most modern adhesive techniques to restore the structural, biomechanical and aesthetic integrity of teeth. They can be used to restore a cavity, replace larger old, failing amalgam (metal) fillings, or to rebuild an entire tooth.

These materials offer the ultimate in strength, bio-compatibility, longevity and aesthetics.

Traditionally, these restorations would take 2 visits approximately 2 weeks apart but now, utilising the CEREC technology, they can be provided in just the one visit.

For more information visit CEREC website.