Crowns and Bridges


A crown or "cap" is placed over a broken down or cracked tooth to strengthen its structure whilst simultaneously improving aesthetics . A crown is shaped like a tooth and covers the portion of the tooth that lies above the gum.

Other reasons you may need a crown include:

  • To protect a worn down tooth
  • To minimise risk of breaking a tooth after Root Canal Treatment
  • To mask discoloured teeth
  • To improve the shape and misalignment  of teeth


Bridges replace a missing tooth or teeth. Crowns are placed on the neighbouring teeth to connect and support a porcelain tooth in the gap.

Some benefits of replacing a missing tooth include:

  • Restoring your smile and confidence
  • Restoring your facial tissues
  • Restoring your ability to chew and speak properly
  • Preventing neighbouring teeth from moving

Another option for replacing a missing tooth is implant placement, for more information on implants please visit implant page.