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At Dimos Dental, we pride ourselves in offering an extensive and comprehensive range of modern dental and facial aesthetic services for our patients.
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If you’re looking for dentistry in Melbourne, VIC, we offer comprehensive services that include dentistry for patients of all ages, cosmetic dentistry and advanced treatments for sleep apnoea.

 Modern-day dental treatment is a blend of sophisticated technology, clinical training and proficiency combined with artistry.

Here at Dimos Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we utilise the latest technologies and materials to best achieve excellent oral health, function and aesthetics for you.

If you would like to arrange an exam, we encourage you to contact a member of our friendly team. We also welcome you to continue reading to learn more about our dental services in Melbourne, VIC.

Our Commitment to You

At Dimos Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we are committed to serving each patient’s needs to provide the best possible outcome. Whether you’re seeking general dentistry for yourself and your family, cosmetic dentistry, or facial aesthetics, we focus on you and aim for a result that exceeds your expectations.

In our Melbourne, VIC dental clinic, we go the extra mile so you walk away feeling good about your experience with us and happy with your choices.

We also work hard to make sure patients feel relaxed and comfortable while under our care—both physically and emotionally. We want you to feel confident voicing your concerns or asking questions. At Dimos Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we always have time for a health chat.

Dentistry in Melbourne, VIC for Patients of All Ages

At Dimos Dental, we treat patients of all ages and offer the services that you and your family need as your dental health needs change.

We also provide comprehensive preventive services to help stave off dental issues in the long term.

Our preventive dentistry in Melbourne, VIC includes:

  • Exams to spot potential problems early
  • Cleans to help prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • X-rays as needed to keep tabs on possible dental issues beneath the surface
  • Dental sealants to keep food and debris away from tooth enamel
  • Fluoride treatments to shore up teeth against cavities

Our general dentistry in Melbourne, VIC includes:

  • Fillings to close your cavities, including tooth-coloured fillings
  • Root canals to clear away root infections and restore your tooth
  • Periodontal treatments to stop the progress of periodontal disease
  • Dentures to fill in for full tooth loss
  • Partial dentures to fill in for partial tooth loss
  • Crowns and bridges to restore your smile
  • Emergency dentistry to restore your smile health

Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Meet Your Goals

At Dimos Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options in Melbourne, VIC to help you achieve the smile you’ve been looking for.

Dental implants may be the gold standard in tooth replacement because they restore your root and your tooth. Dental implants are also strong enough that it generally takes only four to six posts to support a denture if you have full tooth loss. Dental implants also help preserve your jawbone, which deteriorates when teeth are missing, creating the potential for future dental health problems and even a sunken appearance to the face.

A dental implant is a durable root replacement that takes over for your missing root. This implant root bonds with your jawbone and when healing is complete, we top it with a dental crown in Melbourne, VIC.

Dental Veneers can dramatically enhance your smile.  If you have stains, chips, discolouration or height discrepancies in your smile line, you may not feel comfortable laughing with friends, which can impact your emotional well-being.

 At Dimos Dental & Facial Aesthetics, our Melbourne, VIC dentists offer porcelain veneers to help patients achieve the smile they’ve been looking for.

Veneers are thin shells that are coloured and shaped to match your smile. These shells are bonded to natural teeth at the front and are designed to conceal the following dental issues:

  • Gummy smiles
  • Tooth height discrepancies
  • Small chips
  • Discolouration
  • Certain shape issues
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth

Porcelain veneers in Melbourne, VIC are designed to look like natural teeth, and celebrities and media personalities often wear them.

The first step is a veneers consultation in our Melbourne, VIC dental clinic. One of our dentists will examine your teeth to make sure veneers are a good option for you. This means evaluating your oral health. This exam is also a good time for you to ask any questions that you may have about veneers or other cosmetic options.

Tooth-coloured fillings mean that in the event of a cavity, we do not use silver fillings to detract from your smile. The same material we use for tooth-coloured fillings also conceals tooth flaws in the form of dental bonding in Melbourne, VIC.

At Dimos Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we provide tooth-coloured restorations as well—meaning your implant or veneer, for example, will always be customised to blend with your smile.

Professional teeth whitening in Melbourne, VIC may dramatically whiten your smile and lift yellow tooth stains. We offer ZOOM in-chair teeth whitening or a custom tray and bleaching system that you can take home and use on your own time.

Gum lifts and laser dentistry is designed to enhance your appearance by recontouring your gums and providing a less gummy smile. The goal of lasers is to provide a more natural gum recontouring.

Dental crowns

At Dimos Dental and Facial Aesthetics, we rely on CEREC to provide same-day crowns for our patients.

A dental crown is a tooth cover that has several uses. In general dentistry, it may complete a root canal if an infection has weakened your tooth. In restorative dentistry, it supports a dental bridge by covering adjacent teeth and suspending restorations to fill your smile gap. In cosmetic dentistry, a tooth crown in Melbourne, VIC completes your dental implant or conceals tooth flaws.

Advanced Services for Your Needs and Lifestyle

We provide advanced services to help you achieve a dental and facial aesthetic aimed to match your desires and lifestyle. Additionally, we provide services to help with jaw pain, breathing and sleep apnoea.

If you’re looking for straight teeth, we offer orthodontics including traditional braces and Invisalign in Melbourne, VIC. Traditional braces rely on metal and wires to bring more severe misalignments in line. Invisalign is generally the better choice for mild to moderate crooked or twisted teeth.

We also offer facial aesthetic options like dermal fillers and muscle relaxants to help erase wrinkles and fine lines in the face.

If you or your child suffers from breathing difficulties related to oral health, we offer oral-facial myology and breathing therapies in Melbourne, VIC designed to treat these issues.

For those who grind and clench their teeth (bruxism) or who suffer from TMJ—a disorder of the temporomandibular joint—we provide pain-relieving therapies designed to treat these problems and restore your well-being.

We also offer therapies for sleep apnoea, which are designed to keep you safe during sleep—generally relying on a custom appliance to comfortably open your airway when resting. When left untreated, sleep apnea has been linked to heart attack, stroke, and other systemic health conditions.

We Invite You to Arrange Exams

If you’re looking for dentistry in Melbourne, VIC, we invite you to consider our dental clinic.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
We are pleased to announce that the ADA has eased restriction to Level 1 and we are now able to provide ALL dental services and treatments. Rest assured our team will be implementing additional infection control precautions to keep you, our staff, and the community safe. Please feel free to call our practice if you have any questions or concerns or for more information on how we are handling COVID, please click here.