Facial Aesthetics in Melbourne's CBD

Facial Aesthetics is the ultimate cosmetic dentistry. A beautiful smile is about more than just nice white teeth. A smile is a ‘full-face event’ and it’s the face that frames the teeth and makes the smile complete. More and more people are turning to cosmetic treatments to enhance and rejuvenate their facial appearance.

The initial consultation involves a discussion of what concerns you have regarding your smile and facial appearance and an analysis of areas of your face that have undergone change over time, such as volume loss or distracting lines and wrinkles.

Cosmetic Dentistry

facial aesthetics melbourne cbdProcedures as simple as tooth whitening through to orthodontics and porcelain veneers can all be utilised to achieve a naturally beautiful smile. If you would like to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services in the Melbourne CBD, click here.

Facial Injectables

Muscle relaxants for wrinkle reduction or prevention as well as eliminating a “gummy smile”. Areas that can be treated include:

  • Lines around the eyes, often referred to as ‘laughter lines’ or ‘crows feet’
  • Lines around the mouth, often referred to as ‘smokers lines’
  • Lines between the eye-brows, often referred to as ‘frown lines’
  • Lines across the forehead
  • Lines across the bridge of the nose, often referred to as ‘bunny lines’
  • Lines across the neck
  • Gummy Smile or down-turned corners of the mouth   

Please Note: These muscle relaxant injections also have therapeutic uses in alleviating facial & jaw pain.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers can be used to replace lost volume or to enhance certain facial features that may be deficient. Areas that can be treated include:

  • Lip enhancement to frame your beautiful bright smile.
  • Cheek or Chin enhancement.
  • Under eye, treatment of deep or dark ‘tear troughs’.
  • Reducing the deep facial folds such as Naso-labial folds and down-turned corners of the mouth, often referred to as ‘marionette lines’


The quality and texture of the skin can be every bit as important as any other facial feature when it comes to our appearance.

Some simple rules:

  • Don’t Smoke!
  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen – which blocks UVA & UVB and preferably does not contain nano-particles
  • Moisturise daily

After these initial simple rules, then consider:

  • Anti-ageing skincare
  • Cosmeceuticals

We recommend the use of high quality, professionally prescribed products. These are not the products available over the counter in the major retail outlets.

How do ‘wrinkle relaxants’ work help our Melbourne Patients

wrinkle relaxants | melbourne vicFacial expression is due to certain muscles of the face contracting in certain ways. These facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning, give rise to lines appearing around the eyes or the forehead and over time these lines can start to be more persistent and eventually become etched into the skin.

Wrinkle relaxing injections contain a purified protein that relaxes these wrinkle-causing facial muscles. In this way, they can reduce dynamic lines and wrinkles in areas such as around the eyes, between the brows and the forehead and give a refreshed facial appearance.

Are there any side effects of wrinkle relaxant injections?

In the treatment of facial lines and wrinkles, the doses used are small. In the majority of cases, any side effects are temporary and limited to the injection site. Possible side effects include: a stinging or itching sensation, redness, swelling or bruising at the injection site. Local muscle weakness including drooping of the eyelid or eyebrow is also a very rare side effect.


If you have more questions about our Facial Aesthetic services in the Melbourne area, you can click here to schedule a consultation