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A Great Dentist


At Dimos Dental our goal is to provide you with the best experience that modern dentistry has to offer.

To achieve this Dr Chris Dimos and his team are dedicated to continuous professional education and maintaining the highest levels of training in dentistry’s newest technologies.

Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment the Dimos Dental team will provide you with careful and detailed assessment of your dental and oral health. With this understanding you can feel confident and empowered to make the informed choices for your own health future.


Digital Smile Design

We want to design your perfect smile. And the person who knows your smile best is - you! Through the use of Digital Smile Design, our patients become our smile co-designers. A series of detailed photos and scans are used to create a virtual model of your own teeth, to which various virtual treatment options can be applied for consideration. Changes can easily made during this digital modelling design phase, so our patients can feel the confidence of knowing that their planned smile is going to be their perfect smile.


Laser Dentistry

Dr Chris Dimos has trained extensively in a variety of dental lasers to perform to precision dental treatments for his patients.

Using lasers in dentistry often allows for shorter, more comfortable dental appointments, with faster healing times, and no drill noise!


3D Xray & Treatment Plan Technology

CBCT & Sirona Galileos Implant planning

We now offer on-site 3D xray services! When only the most accurate information will do, 3D xrays, also known as Cone Beam or CBCT xrays, allow our dental team to generate 3-dimensional images to assess your teeth, bone, soft tissues and nerve pathways all in a single scan. On site, our dentists can then precisely plan treatment, such as dental implants, and allow our patients to how their own cases can be solved before they even sit in a dental chair.


Non-Xray Dental Imaging

DIAGNOcam Infrared Imaging

Where traditional dental xrays only show teeth from a side view, DIAGNOcam uses infrared light to allow our dental team to view each tooth and its internal layers from above! This technology helps to truly see and evaluate various issues such as decay, cracks and leaking fillings.

Wherever possible, we aim to keep our dental treatment small, with as much healthy tooth as we can and DIAGNOcam allows us to achieve this for our patients even better than before.


Ceramic Crowns in One Appointment

CEREC: On-site 3D Scanning, Milling & Firing

We know your time is important! That is why we offer same-day Ceramic Crown appointments. In as little as 90 minutes your tooth can be prepared, digitally scanned, expertly CAD/CAM designed and milled, and best of all, have your final restoration in place in just one visit. No uncomfortable dental impressions or mouldings, one comfortable appointment and less time out of your schedule!

IntraOral Cameras - See what we see!

In dental appointments it can sometimes be difficult to imagine just what it is that the dental team is talking about for your tooth. This is exactly the scenario that IntraOral cameras helps shed light on.

By taking detailed, colour photos, the dental team can now easily show our patients any tooth or area of the mouth which may need close monitoring or potential treatment.

Digital Xrays

Low dose xrays

At Dimos Dental & Facial Aesthetics your health is our priority. So when the dental team determines that xrays are needed to give valuable insight into areas they cannot check otherwise, we use digital xrays, or low dose xrays. This means that our xray systems and techniques limit the amount of radiation to that which is as low as reasonably achievable.

Facial Aesthetics Technology

Having confidence in your smile can be empowering. Dr Dimos and his team understand that a confident smile means looking beyond the mouth to the facial features and aesthetics which frame the smile.

Through the use of modern technologies, our team can assess your skin health and create a tailored care plan for your individual needs.

Some of the Facial Aesthetics technologies we use are:

  • VISIA Complexion Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of your skin health and skin age. A complimentary part of your Facial Aesthetics initial assessment and reassessment after your care plan.
  • Laser Skin Treatments: Reduction of wrinkle, scarring and veins, uneven complexion, sun spots, age spots & much more
  • Dermastamp: Improving skin tone and texture through collagen induction
  • HydraFacial: Vortex Fusion technology removes pore blockages while hydrating, leaving skin feeling smooth and looking radiant

Further information about Facial Aesthetics assessment and treatments can be found here.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.
We are pleased to announce that the ADA has eased restriction to Level 1 and we are now able to provide ALL dental services and treatments. Rest assured our team will be implementing additional infection control precautions to keep you, our staff, and the community safe. Please feel free to call our practice if you have any questions or concerns or for more information on how we are handling COVID, please click here.