Tooth Whitening in Melbourne's CBD


Over time, teeth can lose their brilliance.


The natural colour of your teeth can be affected by the following;

  • Pigmented food such as curry and beetroot

  • Pigmented drink such as tea, coffee and red wine

  • Smoking

  • Poor oral hygiene 

  • Bacteria which attracts colour i.e. Chromogenic bacteria 

The procedure of tooth whitening has become very popular, and modern technologies allow for the choice of 'at home' and/or 'in chair' treatment. Both of these procedures can be used independently or in conjunction with each other. 


before and after teeth whitening


At Home

Molds of your teeth are made in-house using a thin flexible plastic. 

You are then supplied with bleaching gel to insert into the trays for use at home- these come in an array of strengths, of which your dental clinician can discuss with you to determine your appropriate percentage. 

Results are usually seen within the first week. At home whitening gel can be used as little or as often as you like. 


teeth bleaching trays


In Chair

This procedure is performed in the practice using a powerful UV light to activate a specially formulated and fast acting whitening gel. 

Whitening in the dental clinic usually requires approximately 1½ hours. 


teeth bleaching


Side Effects

Some people may experience tooth sensitivity during or shortly after whitening treatments.

Others have reported some discomfort in the gums.

These symptoms will usually disappear within 1-3 days after completing the treatment.

Note: Root-exposed surfaces, alongside pre-existing tooth-coloured fillings, crowns and veneers will NOT whiten.