Composite Resin Fillings in Melbourne's CBD

Efficient and Aesthetic

When teeth are decayed, broken down or chipped and there is sufficient natural tooth left, it may be possible to simply restore it with a filling.

At Dimos Dental, we use resin filling material that provides a durable and aesthetic result.

Composite resin fillings are direct restorations which repair damaged teeth and prevent possible further consequences such as the spread of decay leading to infection or tooth fracture. 

Composite restorations utilise modern adhesive techniques to restore the structural, biomechanical and aesthetic integrity of teeth by 'bonding' to the tooth surface.

These fillings are tooth-coloured and match your smile, unlike silver amalgam fillings of the past.


Composite restorations are used for a variety of purposes:

  • Smaller restorations
  • Replacement of old amalgam (silver) fillings 
  • Bonding to restore a chipped tooth
  • To veneer/cover a discoloured or mishaped tooth 


before and after metal fillings to tooth colored fillings

before and after dental bonding